About Me

My name is Aleishia. I’m 23 and I study Paramedic Science BSc (Hons) at the University of Greenwich on the Medway campus. 
I've had a slightly unusual upbringing; I was born in Germany and I have moved house ten times since I was born. I have lived abroad in Gibraltar for three years and used to be able to speak Welsh. I went to a military boarding school for seven years where aside from GCSE’s and A-levels I also learnt how to march and shoot! 
I can play the piano, enjoy reading and love going to the cinema and eating out. I’m also a huge fan of just about every medical TV show on the planet.
My blog will mainly be posts about my course and some of the things I experience while on ambulance placement. For those of you who used to read Emily’s blog and will miss her film critiquing posts I will also probably bang on about the many films I see at the cinema every month.

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